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Peruana Poblacion Makati Main Dining Room facing outdoor door and DJ Table - Japanese Peruvian Restaurant

The Place

Welcome to "Peruana," where a captivating fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cultures comes to life in a beautifully designed 180sqm space, accommodating up to 80 seated guests. As the second floor and Peruvian counterpart of Japonesa, Peruana offers a unique blend of experiences.

Your journey begins at the entrance, where the vibrant doorway adorned with colorful artwork and a samurai sword as a door handle, sets the tone for your unforgettable experience. Throughout the restaurant, hand-painted Peruvian artwork adds an authentic touch to the ambiance. For intimate gatherings, our private dining room awaits, hosting up to 24 guests. Whether you prefer indoor comfort or the charm of our outdoor patio seating, Peruana invites you to savor the cultural mosaic it offers.

Japonesa Poblacion Makati Food Spread - Japanese Peruvian Restaurant

The Food

At Peruana, the spotlight is on innovative cocktails that pay homage to both nations, crafting liquid symphonies that dance between the zesty notes of citrus and the delicate nuances of your favorite spirits. 

This elevated sanctuary not only promises a delectable dining experience but also encapsulates the artistic intersection of two vibrant cultures, inviting patrons to savor every sip and bite in a setting that resonates with history and creativity.